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The Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

Exercising is generally not very fun, but it is when you make it adventurous. And to me, that's especially applicable to hiking, jogging, or biking. Recently, I've had the opportunity to ride my bike (often with my wife, which make it more fun) and make some discoveries along the way.

My latest discovery: the Old Croton Aqueduct trail, which runs from the Bronx (where I live) up through Ossining. A 26-mile stretch. We've been driving up to various points and hitting the trail for a few miles at a time. We've almost reached Sleepy Hollow at this point. (A town we're already fond of.)

And along the way, we've seen some pretty cool sights. Monstrous trees, windy trails, bridges, streams, parks, statues, castles...there's a lot of old ruins strewn about New York State, and the Hudson Valley boasts some good ones. Oh yes, and plenty of old houses and mansions (you can tell at a glance that many of them must be haunted!). Huge swaths of this trail look wild and remote and would probably be especially creepy (i.e. cool) at night.

I've posted up a number of photos right here.

Like this stately fellow:

posted on 03.15.2012