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I have an announcement. I'm going to start talking about what I've only vaguely touched on previously. Now I have a name to call it—a project name, if not an actual book title. Yet. So what's the announcement?

Savant! <-- Click here!

As that project page says, I'm going to be writing a novel and it's going to be produced by Blindsided Books. And I'm going to be keeping a journal of sorts right here on my website as I do, aimed at giving friends, potential readers, and maybe even potential fellow writers one man's account of the process of writing a novel from scratch. Now, I don't profess to be some veteran author with years of writing experience from which to dispense advice to would-be writers. Far from it, in fact. I've been a writer for a fairly long time, but I've been an author and novelist for only a year or two. I'm about to dig into my third novel, and still have much to learn.

Anyway, teaching people about writing isn't my intent. Half of the purpose of this writing journal is to work out some of my own ideas "out loud." Certainly I hope to do so in an entertaining way, to keep interested parties along for the ride. That said, if anything I do end up talking about is indeed of some interest to you, or is instead mind-blowingly boring, do say so. Really. I'd like to learn from you, too.

Anyway, the first entry of the journal will better showcase what I'm failing to explain here.

The entire Savant project is an experiment, both with Blindsided Books and with my personal goals for this project (and other books to come). The journal I'm going to keep, Savant Scrawlings, is more than just about novel writing—it's also about world building, which scales things up quite a bit more.

Josh Wentz, owner of the Blindsided Books imprint, talks a bit about the project from his view right here.

posted on 04.07.2009


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Monday, August 08 at 07:15AM

Thanks, Mike, Kam, Chris, Steven, Ken, and Ed! Listen, all the work still lies ahead of me. I don't need congratulations as much as I need "Good luck!"  :)

But I'm still happy about it.

Thursday, April 09 at 01:40PM

Wow! That's awesome, Jeff. Congratulations.

Thursday, April 09 at 12:10PM

Very cool news, Jeff! I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops!

Tuesday, April 07 at 11:10PM

Jeff, I am so glad to hear about this and will be following your progress eagerly. And once the book is available I will of course be picking it up on day #1.

Thanks for sharing this great news with us.

Tuesday, April 07 at 04:40PM

Very cool, Jeff. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, April 07 at 02:26PM

Thanks, guys. No pressure on the patron thing, Kam. Really. Anyone who one day buys the book is supporting my work, and that's all I hope for. Patronage is optional, and is just going the extra mile to help the process.

Tuesday, April 07 at 11:15AM

Looking forward to following the project. Gonna have to check the budget to see when I can afford to be a patron, but definitely sounds worth it.

And it doesn't matter how many years experience or how many books published, sharing process is important and useful for the community. That's my intention with Pens & Swords. I just find the authoritative voice I use in posts lends credibility. I'm always interested in what others think, though, and try to solicit other views with questions.

Tuesday, April 07 at 10:58AM

Good deal. Look forward to following this ... and to seeing the finished product!

Tuesday, April 07 at 10:46AM

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