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Warrens & Wyverns

So there's a book that just came out, an adventure module called Wyvern Mountain that might just be worth snagging. See, I haven't seen it yet, but it was written by Mike Ferguson, a guy I came to know first by co-writing the "DCC world" boxed set a few years back. But I've had the fortune of bumping into him many times since (once in person, but mostly virtually speaking), and even of getting him as a player in my play-by-post D&D game. Aside from being a nice guy, I've come to learn through his old weblog and his new site that he puts more thought into game design and gaming at large than most colleagues in the industry. So I already know Wyvern is worth looking into!

ALSO....for anyone out there still holding a candle for version 3.5 of the D&D game (and if you are, more power to you!), you should consider grabbing some last-minute items from Goodman Games before the 31stóby the new gaming license for 4th Edition, GG won't be able to sell them anymore. They're all half off now.

Better still: you can get most PDFs of any of these books from the online store at $2 each! Monster-sized boxed sets like Castle Whiterock or the DCC world gazetteer box are only $5. That's a crazy amount of good stuff for a few bucks.

Really, now's the time. Once Dec 31st hits, this vast collection is gone forever. Forever is...scary, and more than a little sad. I worked on a handful of those, and I'll always be fond of them.

posted on 12.28.2008