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Hey, you know what would be good Christmas gift for the gamers you love? Why, Hero's Handbook: Dragonborn, of course (published by Goodman Games), which I may have had something to do with...

Such as:

On RPGNow, you can buy it today as a pdf document for $13 or later this month it should be out in book form. Support the economy by supporting your favorite brick-and-mortar gaming store and order a copy from them!

And for a bit of news related to my day job but also this season in general. Early last week, there was a big fire above our office down near Wall Street (you know, that place all those economists have been yapping about for months) in Lower Manhattan. Smoke and water damage from that fire reached into our office and has rendered the place an inoperable mess—and, from the smell of the place, I'd say a biohazard, too.

This resulted in a lot of scrambling and rearrangement. For some employees, such as myself, it also means working from home for an estimated 8 weeks. This might seem fun, but working from home has pros and cons.

  • No commute time (average of 2.5 hours total each day).
  • Getting to sleep in a bit more.
  • Reading less (a direct consequence of no train time).
  • Slower Internet connection and therefore slower connection to my company's network. Which is a real pain. The workload increases because work pace is in slow motion.
  • Less getting out of the house. Cabin fever. Marisa is also out on short-term medical leave, so we'll be sharing our tiny apartment at all times. Even the best marriage has spouses grating on each other when in close proximity for long periods of time. But 2+ weeks isn't too bad.
  • A general feeling of disconnectedness. When you have no face to face time with your co-workers, it's just weird. Work, and people, just becomes a series of multitasking windows on the screen. My job already involves a vast amount of e-mails, documents, and sharing screens. Now it'll be even moreso. Then again, in another week I'll be taking a 2-day business trip to California which is the ultimate in face to face.

November flew by. And now we're into December. I love this time of year, but I admit I wasn't ready for it yet. There is still so much to do.

posted on 11.30.2008