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A couple days ago my brother informed me that the moon would be at its brightest on Christmas Eve, and will not be as bright again until another 16 years have passed. There was unfortunately a lot of cloud cover from my part of the planet, but I took a snapshot of the moon anyway where it floated nearly overhead.

So what makes the moon appear so bright? It didn't technically glow any brighter, but it was rising at an angle to the Equator such that more light shines directly down onto smaller portions of ground.

At the same time, Mars was also visible to the naked eye and unusually bright because it was in 'opposition,' aligned with the Earth and directly opposite the Sun. It was obscured by cloud on the 24th, but it was clear and bright the day before and also appeared very close to the moon. If you get a chance, look for our friendly neighborhood Red Planet; it'll be faintly visible for another couple months. It's slightly orange-ish compared to the stars around it. This is the Astronomy Picture of the Day's photo of the moon and Mars together.

It's natural for spiritual-minded people to draw big parallels with our everyday lives and these celestial alignments, but I won't. They're just some of the Creator's awesome creations riding their own currents, and sometimes we get an evening show out of it.

posted on 12.25.2007


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o OPI Mexico Collection - Fling off the work clothes and throw on your bikini, bet ready for lazy days on the beach and nights that only can be rekindled by the right glass of wine. Remember the music of Mexico and the times on the Mexican Rivera, the OPI Mexico Collection will be a memory worth painting.

o OPI Chicago Collection - Jazz and Blues defines the Chicago music scene and the OPI Chicago collection will bring you to the deep reds of Miles Davis and the true blues of BB King.

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o OPI Brights - whats more to say OPI Bights are the brightest and most vivid colors by OPI. When you are ready to make a statement use Brights to make the exclamation

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o New types of applicator brushes such as the new pro-wide brush

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The truth of the matter is that no particular woman would really want to tie herself down with only brand year in year out. However, the truth of the matter is that many women do have a particular brand that they would love to associate with from time to time. This is the case that many people find themselves in when they re dealing with the Opi nail polish. The reason why this is so is simply because of the fact that the nail polish is able to last longer on your nail without chipping off – at least two weeks on your nail. The other advantage of this brand that you may need or want to know is the fact that the brand really gets dry fast once applied on the nails. This is because the process of applying the nail polish requires the use of light in curing the nail polish.

Now that you have gone through this article, it is actually up to you right now to determine whether you would like to go ahead, buy this product, and have it in your house. You will have made your decision based on solid information.

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No matter what the occasion, OPI 25th Anniversary Collection has the color for you. With a total of 12 colors in this collection these are sure to become a classic providing many years of memories in beautiful timeless shades. Even if there's no federal regulation in the U.S., you do have a choice in whether you expose yourself to formaldehyde in your nail lacquer. Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish

Dr.'s Remedy was created by Dr. William D. Spielfogel (podiatrist) in Brooklyn when his wife became pregnant and he realized there was no "healthy" nail polish. "Women don't know they shouldn't be using this stuff," says Spielfogel, who we met at the Bagtrends Green Arm Candy Party in New York.

Spielfogel created a polish that was formaldehyde free, enriched with vitamins and antifungal ingredients, and allergen friendly.

This is obviously a good choice if you're pregnant or have allergies but think also about what polish your children and nieces and nephews are using! And wouldn't you feel better not painting yourself with toxic chemicals? We thought so. Formaldehyde is a preservative that can be found in a plethora of seemingly-safe items, including the air you breathe.

The EPA believes it to be a possible carcinogen, and the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics is regulated in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

However, here in the States, the FDA doesn't think it poses enough risk to necessitate regulation in cosmetics (even children's toiletries aren't always formaldehyde free). In nail polish, formaldehyde is used to help harden the nails.

Even if there's no federal regulation in the U.S., you do have a choice in whether you expose yourself to formaldehyde in your nail lacquer. Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, along with a bevy of other beauty brands, are creating formaldehyde-free polishes.

the FDA doesn't think it poses enough risk to necessitate regulation in cosmetics. In Nail Polish, formaldehyde is used to help harden the nails. Nail polish is generally lady’s first choice in case of cosmetics to make the fingers look attractive and colorful. Nail’s color is always noticeable as a lady <a href="http://www.macmakeupwholesalexo.com/mac-venomous-villains-c-40.html">Mac Venomous Villains</a>full of make-ups.

Nail polishes are very demanding cosmetic product in the real marketplace, as when women do their nails print with a colorful nail lacquer, it can feel like playing. It’s also a magnificent delight for women when a bit of pampering is desired. There are a lot of shades person in market to try on your nails. The best place to compare them and choose the best one is the internet. Even it’s a cosmetic which you can exchange with your friends and cousins to get the popular shades.

In early years, it was suggested by cosmetic vendors to match your lipstick, dress color with your nail polish. This is an old fashion to choose the shade of a nail polish, even in current era women are going with such old style of matching nail polishes. Nail prints are always chosen with care as it compliments your complexion, clothes, the season or even your mood. I will recommend using light shades that have dark skin complexions and a bold statement with deep vibrant colors for a lady with milky white complexion. It isn't just the colors that are tempting, but also the names given to the diverse shades. Nail polish is one example of how ladies effort to append a bit of stylishness to their look. It’s, like other make-ups, can be chemically harm on the skin and the techniques that we go about eliminating it can damage the derma, or upper layer of the skin.

How nail polish originated?

It is first discovered by china around 3000 B.C. In Japan and Italy, nail polish was actually the first countries to make it practical on their nails by applying it. However, Chinese were using a colored lacquer, made from a mixture of Arabic gum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax. This combination, when applied on to the nails for a few hours or while sleeping, leaves a color varying from pink to red. While, the Egyptians used reddish-brown tarnishes extracted from the henna plant to dye their nails as well as the tips of their fingers.

But, nowadays the trend goes different. There is a lot of competition in the market. Many cosmetic companies are offering nail polishes with a wide range of color choices.

But the main thing while purchasing this cosmetic<a href="http://www.opinailpolishpro.com/opi-nail-polish-colors-c-50.html">OPI Nail Polish Colors</a> product is price and perfect chemical proportions. When buying online always compare the prices and see carefully the ingredients. If they are not harmful ones than go ahead, otherwise search any other cosmetic provider. I will suggest you that first take the trial products, if you look good and feel harmless then buy them. Regarded meant for her fashion-forwardness, Perry has made the decision to enter the globe of cosmetics through her OPI Katy Perry Mini Nail Polish collection. The assortment options (4) 1/8 oz. mini bottles of polish in a very range of colours and shades. Katy Perry has formulated a popularity as a glam, over-the-top, pop star. Not too long ago married to British actor/comedian Russell Brand, the songstress has knowledgeable an excellent deal of results in her notable occupation..

Final Friday Evening, The An individual That Obtained Away, Not Just like the Movies and Teenage Dream are the cheeky as well as inventive names in the polishes in <a href="http://www.discountopinailpolishes.com/products_all.html">All OPI Nail Polish</a>Perry's collection. Each of them is colorful, flirty as well as comprises plenty of shimmer along with shine. It is the right collection for the purpose of the gal that has an exceptional perception of design and even who likes to stand out from your crowd. This specific absolutely isn't intended for the individual who favors an additional regular plus standard, monochrome look intended for their nails. Mini polishes are great for the reason that they give folks an chance to try out distinct shades not having absolutely committing. Once an individual discovers a mini polish that they like, they'll go forward and also order a normal sized bottle in that colour, if it is certainly accessible.

A different explanation mini nail polishes, like the ones offered from the OPI Katy Perry Mini Nail Polish assortment, are awesome is that they give persons just adequate of a person colour. Often times, women only use a portion of the nail polishes they get for the reason that they get bored with sporting the same colour. Miniature sized bottles will allow them to acquire just sufficient out of a certain colour just before shifting on to an additional a person.

The polishes in the Perry collection come in the following shades, pink (Teenage Dream), blue (Very last Friday Night time), silver (Not Such as the Motion pictures) plus plum <a href="http://www.nfljerseyswholesalexo.com/" title="Wholesale NFL Jerseys">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a>(The One That Got Away). Black Shatter shade is certainly incorporated likewise. It is not an actual polish but alternatively, is certainly meant to get painted over the other polishes to give a shattered impact. It should be utilized soon after the normal polish has dried.

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