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New Year Resolutions: Many folks do 'em. Most of them break 'em. And many strive for the same handful of goals. I've never made new year resolutions before, knowing I'll probably fail. So here goes nothin'!

Never one to set trends, I'll be endeavouring to set and keep a few of my own this year, and some of them are these really popular ones. However, I'm going to be more specific and realistic about my resolutions than most others. My self-discipline is terrible, so I need to set goals I can reasonably expect to keep if I'm to have any chance at all.

The One About Eating Healthier: Okay, so I actually already eat pretty healthy. But I can do better. But the only thing I'm targeting is high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is probably as bad for you as it is ubiquitous, so dodging it will be tough. But I'll be giving it a go.

Will I refuse to consume anything with HFCS in it? No. But I won't buy anything with HFCS in it if there are other options. If HFCS-infused items can become an occasional treat rather than an everyday comestible, then I'll say I've met my goal. Also, Kate is joining me in this venture, so that should help a lot!

The One About Reading More: I'm not sure that this is really a popular one. I'd say most readers read about as much as they want or they feel that, if anything, they should spend more time doing things other than reading. But I really like to read and almost never do. I have a stack of books that I really want to read, and it's growing. So, starting with a book I just got for Christmas, The Compleat Enchanter: The Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea (thanks, Mom!), I plan to read at least a couple hours each week, hopefully more as my schedule allows and especially if I can combine it with the next item on this list. After that, I'll read Bound By Iron to brush up on my Eberron lore. After that, probably something by China Miťville.

The One About Exercising: I am inherently lazy. Yet I want to exercise more, (though anything would be an improvement from my current nonexistent regimen!) It's not about losing weight, though that would be a nice side effect (and a synergy with the avoidance of HFCS could actually make that happen!) All I really want to do is get some decent aerobic exercise--to get my heart going and give myself a bit of physical endurance and fitness. I've been in that sort of shape before and it feels really good. I like feeling really good.

I won't go to a gym because I'm too lazy to actually go. I won't go jogging locally because 1) the area I live in has no good place to jog, 2) I get shin splints, am prone ankle sprains, and get asthmatic when I run, and 3) I'm too lazy. And the last thing I want to do after standing on my feet at work all day is anything that involves not sitting on my ass. So, I plan to find and buy a used recumbent exercise bike and use it on a regular basis. I'm not yet sure how often, but something like three hours a week would be a good goal.

Why a bike? 1) I can sit on my ass, so even if I'm feeling pooped at the end of the day, there's still a chance I'll get that exercise. 2) It should be easy on my ankles, shins, and back. 3) I can more realistically expect to meet this goal if I can combine this resolution with The One About Reading More, and a stationary bike is the only thing I can think of that could allow me to do that.

The One About Not Watching So Much Damn TV: Possibly also not a popular one, though it should be. And really, I don't watch all that much TV, at least not compared to most Americans. Still, I don't need to watch as much as I do, so cutting back would be good. I've got so many more important things I should be doing, but I often really just want to veg. Fortunately, the one thing I can think of that I could do while watching TV is The One About Exercising. Now that'd be winning combination!

So there. I've said it. It's on the record, publicly announced. Wish me luck. And feel free to pester me about my progress if you like. As I mentioned, my self-discipline leaves a lot to be desired, but accountability goes a long way for me.

posted on 01.04.2008

I am extremely thrilled to announce the official unveiling of a new project thatís been in the works for almost six months now: The Very Us Artists. Iíll keep this brief by simply pointing you to our website which has also officially launched:


The website should do a good job of explaining what this is all about and, if things go as planned, snag the interest of artists and fans of new music & art, alike.

So have a look around, and feel free to ask any questions. This whole thing is sort of a new concept, so weíre very much interested in getting your feedback.

And tell a friend! Repost this, blog about it, skywrite it, and/or tell your loved ones and the artistically inclined in your life. There is also a press release to be found on the website. It should be easy to find.

posted on 08.22.2007

I really need to come up with some fun content, at least occassionally, for this page...

posted on 07.15.2007

This is John's Annex. It's a disaster. He really needs to come in here and clean things up. There's junk all over the place. And discarded clothing. And you know? Some of these things he's never even worn.

posted on 07.03.2007