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And here is the third installment of the Hollycast series of Sidedown's Downcast.

Hollycast 3

Within this hour of free holiday, Christmas, and winter music, you'll hear:

  • Ukrainians singing a carol of bells.
  • Bono listening to a fairy story.
  • Sting fleeing storms at sea and begging for soul cakes on Christmas.
  • A goth band strumming mandolins for the magi.
  • Irish chieftains singing about the king of all birds.
  • Enya riding trains amid winter rains.
  • Annie Lenox interrupting Jars of Clay.
  • Norville being reprised.
  • Tori Amos mashing together two traditional carols with breathy grace.
  • Anne Wilson finding beauty and sadness at Christmas.
  • The Crash Test Dummies calling upon Gitchi Manitou.
  • Alex Lifeson breaking away from the Holy Triumvirate, if only briefly, to pa rum pum pum pum.

And more. Merry Christmas!

posted on 12.19.2010

Merry Christmas from NY!

You really really need to download and/or play the following Christmas-themed podcasts I put together a couple of years ago for Sidedown's Downcast series.

If you want to hear the same holiday songs over and over again, go to the mall. If you want to hear something different, have a listen.

Hollycast Part 1

Hollycast Part 2

For example, one of the songs goes: "Reindeer reindeer reindeer / I caught one of your horns / And even if it rains here / It's much worse in the north" and "And Santa here is faster / This house must be the last now / And we follow mister Santa / To the end"

Also, if you listen, you'll find that even Skeletor, Master of Evil, learns the true meaning of Christmas.

I may just be cooking up a part 3 this year.

posted on 12.04.2010