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Posts from March 2010

The website Worlds of DnD, of which I am one of the curators, now has a blog as its main page. With it, we (Aureon, DragonReader, and myself) wish to provide news of new D&D articles, events, books, and possibly other interesting tidbits. Feel free to subscribe via RSS feed, or just stop over now and then.

The forums of Worlds of DnD have been around for a few years now. We've got some solid regulars, a handful of novelists who stop in, but the community could use some fresh blood.

If you're interested in D&D and would like to know more about it, or any of the settings, please stop in. In my opinion, it's a friendlier bunch than any other D&D site. Certainly doesn't seem to have any of the trolls or whiners of Enworld.

posted on 03.08.2010