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I've been sitting on this a little while, but I can safely mention it now: I'll be writing DDI articles for Eberron. DDI is D&D Insider, the online content of the D&D game hosted on the Wizards of the Coast website. DDI is what the old Dragon and Dungeon magazines have become.

It's particularly cool because once, a long time ago, I submitted an adventure idea to Dungeon magazine, and it was rejected, presumably because there was already an adventure coming out with a theme too similar to the one I proposed.

In any case, I've already written two Eberron articles. The first one goes live February 5th. It's exciting, mostly because I'm happy to be contributing to Eberron once again. This time in quite a different capacity.

posted on 01.22.2010

If you haven't seen Avatar yet, consider it. Here is a spoiler-free review I wrote for Examiner.com.

posted on 01.04.2010